Terms and Conditions

Contacting us:

  • Please make contact via email. We will not answer the phone during working hours because we are busy packing internet orders, but will phone you to get your credit card, once your order is picked and packed,  if you have chosen credit card payment method.  

Placing Orders:

  • Via our website is our only option.  
  •  Please do not place an order that you do not wish to proceed with. There is a cancellation fee applied to your account once we have picked and packed the order, if you do not proceed.
  • Please ensure you have read the information we have provided, in general terms on our web site, and in particular in the product page. We have promulgated some cautions and disclaimers. We wish to ensure  that you receive the product that you expected to receive, and that it performs as we have described it. Please also ensure that any packaging you have ordered in bulk has been tested,  is compatible with your product and will suit your needs. 
  •   All orders, unless they are a pickup from our showroom, will have shipping charges added at the checkout stage. If once you have placed an order you decide you need more items then please simply place another order and place in the comments section what you need eg. please marry up with order number eg ESC12345.  Please do not phone or email for additional items to be added; there is a risk of the additions not being applied properly, and disappointment will result.
  • What happens when you place your order .
  1. a. You will get an email alert that the order has been received. Please check it to see that this is what you believe you ordered, and check your address (which in many cases will be loaded automatically - so if you have made an error then there is likelihood it cannot be delivered and a re-delivery fee will apply.) If there is an error in either your ordered products or the address then please email us to cancel it.
  2. We will pick it, QA it, and pack it for shipping. If there are stock issues, address issues, timing issues, or the like we will probably send another email - it comes via an alert, just like the first one when you place your order.
  3. If you have opted to pay via bank deposit we will wait to see the deposit and then despatch.  We usually see the deposit the day after it has been withdrawn from your bank - unless its after 5:30 then it will take two days. If you have opted to pay via card we will phone to get the card numbers once its ready to ship.
  4. When we ship you will get another automated alert - it will contain the link to your tracking.  Please check and monitor the progress of your order.  You must view this link and be prepared to make arrangements to accept the shipment when it is delivered.  If you have provided an Authority To Leave (ATL) for the shipper the you must make yourself aware of the delivery date so you can bring the goods into a safe and secure environment expeditiously. Its disappointing for all of us if the parcel is sent back because it could not be delivered, and a redelivery fee will likely apply.
  • We will normally dispatch your order within 2 - 5 working days, but at peak times, including the lead-up to Easter , Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas, ( the Christmas rush starts for us in August) this may extend to 4-5 working days. If you need your order by a specific date please let us know by adding the information to the “Comments” box when you finalise your order.  The only orders that usually go out in the one day are those with rush handling requested. ( see explanation below)

  • Most of the items on the web site are in stock; those that are not are listed as such and if you add them to your cart the amount of $0.00 will come up.  We will dispatch goods that are in stock at the time and may have to backorder on the odd occasion. If this is the case the comments section of your order will reflect this, including the dispatch date of the backordered items. ( sent by email alert)
  • Placing your order with us subjects you to our standard terms and conditions. These Terms and conditions supesede any conflicting terms and conditions contained in your order notes/purchase order/ or any subsequent communication.
    As soon as it becomes available, we will send your backordered items. and send you another shipping alert via email.

  •  Please advise if you need your order in a screaming hurry and we will do our best to help. We provide an option for rush handling ($20.00 fee) which will see your order put to the top of the pile and despatched in the one 24 hour period.  Please note rush handling does not refer to the shipping times or shipping method.

 Visiting our showroom:

  • We are not always at the showroom, and there are times that we simply cannot handle visitors (Monday morning is a definite no-no) Please do not visit without an appointment so as to avoid disappointment. If you wish to pick up your order from the showroom then pse let us know when you place your order, and we will do our best to have it ready at your preferred time. When your order is ready we will email to let you  know.


  • All goods must be paid for prior to dispatch. Payment can be made by credit card**/ cash/bank deposit. We accept mastercard, visa,  or cash.
  • If for whatever reason payment has not been made in advance and is required after receipt of goods, additional charges will be incurred as follows:
    • Interest charges 1.25% per month (15% per annum) will be posted at the end of the first month after payment is due, and will accrue until the month that final payment is made.
    • Recovery will be commenced when payment is two months overdue and at the start of the recovery process a 50.00 charge will be posted.
    • For cheques which are dishonoured, charges will be applied if our bank levies any charges on us.

 Documentation; eg Certificate of Analysis and MSDS

  • Docs that we have are already on the web site.
  • If you would like documentation other than that we have already prepared on the web site, then please ask when you place your order. It will  take us some time to get but we will try to source if from the manufacturer.

Goods and Services Tax:

  • GST is included in our price list. All products, except those that are routinely used as non-gourmet foods, and are the same quality and ( pretty much the same) label as foods, are liable for GST.
  • Returns and Refunds
  • Returns: If for any reason you wish to return goods then ensure you contact us first to discuss the options. Our returns and refund policy complies with the national guidelines which be found at www.accc.gov.au. If we find that there is any situation that cannot be rectified amicably, and legal or administrative action results, then the jurisdiction for resolution is Noosa, or the nearest appropriate jurisdiction in Queensland.
  • Please note that if you have changed your mind and don't want to keep the goods - then we may agree to the return subject to a 20% restocking fee.  It is entirely at our discretion. If we agree to this then you will be liable for shipping the goods back to us - ensuring that they are  delivered with a recorded signature.

  • Cancellation policy. If you cancel your order after it has been picked, packed and QA’ed, but before we have shipped it then a 15% cancellation fee applies. Again this is entirely at our discretion.

  • If you cancel it after we have shipped it then you must refuse delivery of the shipment and have it returned to us.  When it is returned to us you will be subject to the 20% restocking fee, plus any costs we have  incurred in the return shipping.

  • Incorrect product/damaged product.  If you receive an item that is not what you ordered, or damaged,  leaking, or incorrectly labelled then please take a photo of it and email it to us. - it will help us to expedite the fix.

 Freight and Insurance:

    • We usually use a courier or Australia Post for deliveries depending on expected delivery times and cost. Note that some items cannot be despatched by post. Please advise if you will use your own courier. When we dispatch your order we will provide a tracking number in the comments section. If it is an Australia Post tracking number then you can track it by visiting http://auspost.com.au. If it is a courier tracking number you can track it by visiting http://www.couriersplease.com.au
    • Please do not accept parcels that are squashed or holed or bear any signs of damage unless such damage is recorded on the delivery docket, and ensure you take a photo of the package(s). Please call us immediately if there is any damage to the shipped goods.
    • When we despatch your order we will email you the tracking details. You can log in to either the Australia Post site or the Couriers please site and follow your parcel from Noosaville to your location. Both the Courier and the Post reserve the right to charge a redelivery fee if they are unable to deliver the parcel to you. The circumstances vary on when the threshold for a redelivery fee is reached - for example the courier may attempt delivery, leave a card for you if it cannot be delivered, and after two days may despatch the parcel back to us. We will need to charge you a redelivery fee to have it re-sent.  if Australia Post returns it to us then an automatic return to sender fee of $10.00 is charged to us. then there would be a redelivery fee to send it back to you.
    • Please advise us of the arrangements you would like to make if you are not likely to be at the delivery address during the working day eg, an Authority To Leave (ATL)  if no one is home and there is a safe place to leave it.
    • Insurance - if there is any damage or breakage then firstly you need to send us a photo so we can assess how we will approach the insurance claim. This is an essential first step in rectifying the problem.

     Minimum Order:

    • WE have no minimums, but do provide small affordable sizes that can be ordered via the web site.

     Quality Control

    • We stand by the quality of our products, which we provide as “industry standard”.  Even so we cannot provide any form of guarantee for the physico-chemical composition of fragrant or essential oils because we do not conduct a full chemical analysis of each oil.
    • Also we cannot be responsible for any consequential loss resulting from the use of our products, whatever the cause.
    • Patch testing. It is most important that you patch test any of our oils/cosmetic formulations before you apply them. Ptch testing, in our experience, is best done on the wrist or elbow.


    • Our Labels are fairly simple and generally contain the product name, country (ies) of origin/extraction.  Additional details that are usually included - Botanical name if applicable, part of the botanical used, CAS number, and any other instructions that we consider useful e.g. usage rate.   Country of origin/extraction sometimes changes from batch to batch and our labelling might not keep up with the changes so if the country of origin/extraction is different and it causes you concern then please let us know.
    • On each bottle/container there is a label with a Best Before date. This is a guide only.  If the product is not stored in a cool dark place then it may exhibit properties eg. staleness/ colour change - even rancidity -  before that date is reached. You should conduct your own investigation to ensure the product meets your quality requirements and is fit for your purpose. In any case you should  check all your products at least 6 monthly to ensure you're always using fresh and true to type ingredients.


    • We have placed a number of pictures on the web site.  These pictures either represent the style/colour of the product described, or the outcome of use of the product.  This is done to help with understanding what the product looks like ( particularly with essential oils) , or the category of the product (particularly with anti-ageing). Butters may look different once they are melted and poured into different size tubs.
    • We don't guarantee the product supplied will be exactly the same colour, same batch, or will provide the outcome represented in the picture. 

       Essential oils 

      • We are unable to make any claims about the medical or therapeutic benefits of our essential oils. Such claims should only be made by qualified medical specialists.

       Bottles, jars, containers and closures.

      • We are unable to accept responsibility for compatibility or otherwise of any containers. We recommend testing before containers are used.

      Please note - we have not registered any of our products in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ( ARTG) and therefore they do not meet the definition of a "therapeutic good". Any implicit or explicit inference on our web site that any of our products is a "therapeutic good" is unintentional and we would appreciate your bringing it to our attention, so we can rectify it.  


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