Vegetable Collagen Liquid Anti-Ageing complex

Escentials of Australia


 INCI Vegetable collagen

plant-derived from zea mays, triticum aestivum & glycine max, as an alternative solution to soluble collagen.

suitable for promoting the hydrating and conditioning properties , particularly for the face and neck.

this is an alternate method for conscious consumers to have the same skin enhancing advantages as advocates of marine collagen using plant-derived materials.

Water soluble - add it to and formula you are using on the face and neck at 1- 10% 


 CAS Number Water 7732-18-5  93.50%

CAs Vegetable Collagen 9015-54-7 4.50%

CAs Leucidal Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate 1686112-10-6  2.00%

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