Vanilla Hydrosol Organic

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by-product of the steam distillation of vanilla planifolia ( beans are grown in Madagascar and  extracted in Asia)

clear/hazy watery liquid with a distinct ( quite good for a hydrosol)  vanilla odour

(its not the mouthwatering vanilla like your ice cream - more like vanilla absolute.)

contains no preservative  

Store in the fridge after opening 


SG 1.0

RI 1.31

pH 5.6

Heavy metals Lead cadmium coppers arsenic mercury - nil detected

Useage 5 -100% .

Shelf life. We give this a BB date of 12 months when we crack the drum. you should expect it to have a BB of 9 - 12 months. You can extend its shelf life easily by adding a preservative.



Not for internal use.