Triethyl Citrate (TEC)

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CAS 77-93-0

GRAS used as a food additive and a cosmetic ingredient 

ice white  coloured clear liquid  (colour APHA <10)

Broad-spectrum preservative Soluble in water, alcohol, glycols

Purity 99.9%

RI 1.4420

It is a general purpose  (non-phthalate) versatile  skin care ingredient.

manufactured from natural ingredients - non-toxic, eco-friendly and bio-degradable made from 100 % renewable carbon source. The ingredient is suitable for several applications such as personal care, health care, food and beverage, industrial applications, cleaners and detergents.

Very popular in natural deodorants - use up to 5%

In other cometic applications usage 1 - 2%

Please note we sell only for external use.