TOP 20 Essential Oils 18mL SIZE with free storage bag

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Comes with free insulated storage bag. Storage bag can hold 30 x 18ml essential oil bottles or 30 x 10ml essential oil bottles.

Bag colours are blue, pink, red & purple. Please feel free to ask for the preferred colour in the comments section, we will try but  cannot guarantee which colour will ship.


Lemon Italy steam distilled , Copaiba balsam steam distilled

Rose Geranium Steam distilled, Lime steam distilled

patchouli (dark) steam distilled, Eucalyptus Blue Gum 

orange australia cold pressed, may chang steam distilled

lemongrass Cochin steam distilled, Geranium steam distilled

sandalwood west indies steam distilled, peppermint steam distilled

tea tree steam distilled, yang yang 3rd steam distilled

lavender true steam distilled, aniseed china star steam distilled

lemon myrtle steam distilled, cedar himalayas steam distilled 

rosemary france steam distilled, cypress France steam distilled