Superlight C Antioxidant Facial Oil New product

Escentials of Australia

Superlight C antioxidant facial oil

Vitamin C Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate 20% Cas 183476-82-6

 ORGANIC Fractionated coconut oil Cas 6538-10-9

Cacay Oil Cas 1453469-52-7

ORGANIC Prickly pear Oil Cas 290-10-9-1

Organic kukui nut oil    Cas 8015-80-3

Aloe vera oil    Cas 85507-69-3

Chia seed oil     Cas 93384-40-8

Sacha Inchi Oil 68956-68-3

Vitamin E Oil GMO Free  Cas 1406-66-2

Linden Blossom Absolute Cas 84929-52-2

 Note this is an oil-based  product, but is manufactured to be very light ( organic fractionated coconut oil is the key)  It smells like linden blossom  and it feels like a dry oil - penetrates very quickly leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. 

Apply to face and neck in gentle upward strokes, after cleansing, and moisturising, 



But can be used any time for a quick pick-me-up

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