Rosehip Seed Oil Virgin

Escentials of Australia

Rosehip Seed Oil Virgin

SHORT OF STOCK until end of August - 30ml & 100ml only in stock

new stock is from Chile - LOVELY stuff!

Cold pressed from the rosa canina seeds; clear, virgin oil.  

orange/red  coloured , characteristic rosehip odour -medium strength

So why rosehip???  Well if you're into oil on our face then this is one of the must-haves Its light, its a dry oil ( doesn't persist on the skin too long) and loves, just loves,  your skin. 

For a quick pick-me-up for face and neck - this is a very good choice. And add a little kukui oil and you'll look as "pretty as a polynesian"

Our current batch is a mix of Turkish and Chilean - light and lovely!


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