Rambutan Peel Extract

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INCI: organic glycerine , purified Aqua, rambutan peel Nephelium lappaceum L.

CAS 93165-68-5;    (EC  296-955-8) Rambutan 48-50%

Glycerine CAS 56-81-5.     22-25%

Water CAS 7732-18-5.                          22-25%

dark brown/caramel colour ; slight (green) odour.

SG1.1 -1.15 

Preservative: leucidal (R) 2%

Rambutan Extract Usage 2-10% in water phase  - at 2% you may find your finished product is say light yellow. at 10% Rambutan extract you will find your finished product is a tan colour..but this does depend on what other ingredients are incorporated.  (the pic on the right is a 10% incorporation into an emulsified cream.)

Why Rambutan??? this is one of the cosmetics industries new little wonders.

Along with bakuchiol Rambutan is said to be one of the very best retinol substitutes...doesn't cause the dryness, redness and flakiness that retinol  often does ( until  the skin adapts to it of course). But it still delivers the age-defying benefits.

Rambutan Research 

Dendy Engelman, MD, a board certified cosmetic dermatologist at Shafer Clinic in New York City. “Both retinol and rambutan stimulate collagen production and cell turnover, helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation while promoting a more youthful appearance,” she says. “But rambutan does it without irritating the skin because it is gentler.”

Mahendran Sekar, in Aging (Second Edition), 2020 reported studies have  concluded (Rambutan peel caused )  a reduction in oxidative stress due to the high polyphenol content of the rambutan fruit rind.

 Now there is not a lot of research to draw conclusions upon but may users are raving about it....see what you think...tell us what you think.