Spearmint Essential Oil China
mentha spicata

Escentials of Australia


 Mint oils primarily peppermint and spearmint are in short supply therefore higher prices .we do expect some relief in the comin gmonths so dont stock up unless you need to. Analysis Appearance Fluid Liquid Colour light Yellow Odour Characteristic warm herbal penetrating odour, sharp, pungent taste. Botanical Source Mentha Spicata Linne Physico-Chemical Properties

Specific Gravity at 25 deg C 0.918 to 0.936 0.932

Refractive Index at 20 deg C 1.4879 to 1.4994 1.492

Optical Rotation at 20 deg C 60 to 69 62 deg

GLC L. Carvone minimum 60.10

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