Papaya Seed Oil India
carica papaya

Escentials of Australia

Papaya Seed Oil India <br><i><small>carica papaya</small></i></br>

VIRGIN seed oil ORANGE/RED colour.  no odour.

Cold pressed from the seeds; great for skin products , primarily because of the high Vitamin content. It also contains a natural fruit enzyme called papin which is a great dead skin cell scavenger. Has loads of Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids

Typical profile

Myristic C:140 0.20

Palmitic C:160 16.16

Palmitoleic C:16.1 0.27

Margaric C:170 0.13

Stearic C:180 4.73

Oleic C:18.1 n9 71.30

Linoleic C:18.2 n6 6.06

Linolenic C:18.3 n3 0.22

Arachidic C:20.0 0.38

Eicosenoic C20:1 0.32


Behenic C220 0.23





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