Papaya Seed Oil India
carica papaya


Papaya Seed Oil India <br><i><small>carica papaya</small></i></br>

virgin seed oil orange yellow colour.

Cold pressed from the seeds great for skin products , primarily because of the high Vitamin content. It also contains a natural fruit enzyme called papin which is a great dead skin cell scavenger.And finally it has loads of Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids

Typical profile

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Myristic C140 0.20

Palmitic C160 16.16

Palmitoleic C161 0.27

Margaric C170 0.13

Stearic C180 4.73

Oleic C181 n9 71.30

Linoleic C182 n6 6.06

Linolenic C183 n3 0.22

Arachidic C200 0.38

Eicosenoic C20:1 0.32


Behenic C220 0.23





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