Vitamin B5 dl-panthenol powder

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INCI dl - panthenol

CAS 16485-10-2     aka pro Vitamin B5


Its very hygroscopic and hard to stop the clumping as soon as its exposed to humidity.

But we assume you are mixing it will water and so it will work just fine.

(if it is problem the put on your glove and press down gently with the heel of your hand and you'll find the clumps separate very quickly).

In the pic below

Step 1 is a clump 

Step 2 is after being pressed with the heel of the hand

Step 3 is  after being pressed with a wooden spoon

Water Soluble. Melting point 65 deg approx

Use at .025% to .50% by weight  - in the water phase.

Why use vitamin B5 - in short its beaut for both your hair and your skin, and easy to incorporate into your formulae.  

For hair it moisturises , adds lustre and sheen and is add to improve strength/structure.

For skin the d-panthenol is converted to pantothenic acid, which is present in all our cells. Pantothenic acid supports our skin in many ways - think hydration, suppleness elasticity.  If you are formulating for troubled skin then is a very useful ingredient that provides good bang for buck.  After several weeks of use many people find   itchiness and inflammation decreased.