Meadowfoam Seed Oil May Special

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limanathes alba    Cas 153065-40-8 (aka 169107-14-5)

virgin oil

Extraction is  Cold Pressed & Expeller Pressed.

 odour is slight, a distinct note.

 colour is yellow/orange

This amazing oil remoisturises the skin in ways most others cannot. In shampoos and soaps it helps add shine moisture to hair and scalp made dry and brittle . In lipsticks and balms, it helps revitalise dry, cracked lips so they stay moist longer. Use in the following types of products suntan lotions, eye shadows, eye liners, mascara, handface creams, cuticle repair lotions, body oils and creams, shaving creams, foundations, rouges, face powders, lip sticks, shampoos