Shea Butter Refined Organic
butyrospermum parkii

Escentials of Australia

Shea  Butter Refined  Organic <br><i><small>butyrospermum parkii</small></i></br>

 CAS 68920-03-6

mostly white ( sometimes a hint of ivory) obtained from the shea nut kernel.

Excellent emollient . Melting point 30-34C. Long lasting protection from harsh weather conditions. Soothes and Stimulates the appearance of the skin. Good for all skin types especially dry skin.

Suitable for Creams, lotions, body butters oil water emulsions for body face Body masks, mud wraps Hair products shampoo conditioners Soap bar liquid Suncare products Bath oils.

If you are experiencing problems with graininess with your shea after its called then please read below - we have pulled this off the internet.  ( But we never experience these problems with any of our manufacturing - in emulsified products we heat to 80 deg plus and in non emulsified products we heat only to the point where the butter is melted and mixed with whatever it is we are partnering it with.)

Improper heating of shea butter can cause the butter to crystallize as it cools which can cause lip balms, body butters and other formulations to turn gritty upon sitting. In order to avoid this, shea butter must be melted and heated to about 80 degrees C and kept at that temperature for at least 20 minutes. This will allow the butter to melt completely so that crystals will not form once cooled.




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