Rose Hydrosol

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rosa damascena  Cas 90106-38-0 

Note: Hydrosols do not normally have the same odour as the oil

By-product of the steam distillation of organic rosa damascena

clear/slightly cloudy water-like liquid with a slight rose odour. ( for a hydrosol the odour is pretty tenacious).  Note some people find the odour a bit flat (like some rose absolutes) .

contains no preservative.  

Average soluble rose oil content is 0.25 0.3%

we give this product a best before date of 12 months once we decant from the barrel; you may receive a batch with a best before date of between  9 and 12 months. When manufacturing with it you will need to add preservative to give your product a useful shelf life. Store in the fridge after opening.

 Please note 25lt size and above, cannot ship via Post - we need to use a courier service


COA BATCH 1405001

COA BATCH 1405003