Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH (Caustic Soda)

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aka Lye

small white pearls. Purity >99%  use PPE when handling

This product loves water and when exposed to humidity will start to clump quickly. We pack in sealed plastic containers but you may see clumping has occurred when you open the container. This is normal and should not cause a problem. We assume that most end uses will include a water component of one sort or another. If this does not suit your needs then please do not buy this product.

Appearance: white micropearls
Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH ASTM E291 Min 99.0 %
Sodium Carbonate, Na2CO3 ASTM E291 Max 0.5 %
Sodium Chloride, NaCl ASTM E291 Max 300 ppm
Sodium Sulfate, Na2SO4 ASTM E291 Max 60 ppm
Iron, Fe ICP-AES Max 8 ppm
Insoluble Substances & Organic matter FCC Passes Test
Identification: positive for sodium FCC Passes Test
Size in Diameter 0.25 - 1.3 mm
Between 0.50 - 1.00mm 70.0 to be reported %
Nickel, Ni, ICP-AES Max 10 ppm
Lead ICP-AES Max 2 ppm
Calcium ICP-AES Max 5 ppm
Magnesium, Mg ICP-AES Max 5 ppm
Arsenic, As ICP-AES Max 0.4 ppm
Mercury, Hg ICP-AES Max 0.05 ppm
Heavy metals, as Pb Max 0.002 %
Conforms to FCC8 Conforms

Note this is 99.0% plus NaOH...there will always be a black spot, or a few, in the mix