Wintergreen Essential Oil

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Cas 90045-28-6; 68917-75-9

EINECS 289-888-0

gaultheria procumbens L.

SG 1.19

Steam distilled from leaves  the oil is orange /reddish

Odour quotient is medium /strong

The key component of the oil is Methyl Salicylate usually >90%, and this provides its signature aroma strong intensely medicinal, with a slightly woody bottom note. Its most common use is for blending into linaments and ointments for tissue and skeletal applications.  it is also useful for stimulating mind and body easing cold and flu symptoms, particularly clearing the sinus and head. Blending tip blend it with eucalyptus, rosemary and lime for a great all round pick me up.

Not for internal use. Not tested on animals.