Rosewood Essential Oil
aniba rosaeodora


Rosewood Essential Oil <br><i><small>aniba rosaeodora</small></i></br>

This light nonviscous, clear oil is steam distilled from the wood of the tree. We cannot source 100% genuine oil from Brazil these days and so have had a blended oil done. It meets the aromatherapy standard. The oil is a mix of South American and Asian at the moment. It is becoming harder to source as more and more regulatory regimes are introduced to ensure its harvesting at a sustainable rate, and therefore its survival. As far as we know there is no more wild cultivation of rosewood allowed anywhere. This is great news for us in the skin industry.  It has a middle note. Sweet, woody with rose undertones not overly odourous.It is beaut in any sort of skin preparation that you can think of.

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