Lemon Essential Oil

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citrus limonum

CAS 8008-56-8  yellow free flowing oil 


Top note. Cold pressed rind. Fresh fresh fresh citrus aroma, clean, sweet and zesty. freshness and zestiness starts to fade after 6 months or so.

**This oil is known to cause photosensitisation and is best not used in leave on skin products, or otherwise sunlight exposure should be delayed for 12 hours after application.

Fresh, sweet, odiferous, it will give the mouth-watering rush of fresh squeezed lemon.

Lemon oil is one of the "must-haves" in your aromatherapy kit, and as valuable as your credit card when travelling (have some available to put on your napkin/tissue when sitting next to the cougher/sneezer on public transport) and is said to be an excellent tonic for the circulatory system. 

As with all cold pressed citrus oils you might see slight sedimentation on settling - some of the heavy phytochemicals existing in the rind.  They can be used or filtered out.