Clove Leaf Essential Oil

Escentials of Australia

Clove leaf essential oil Indonesia

CAS 8000-34-8

eugenia carophyllate

a light non-viscous oil, steam distilled from the leaves of the clove. After extraction it generally darkens, turning from almost clear to a light brown grey. ( A comment about the pic we have on the web site....after a period the leaf oil turns darker; more like a grey)

tip For a good general purpose mildew busting spray add half teaspoon to one litre of water and spray like crazy.

Appearance pale yellow/brown Odour Spicy, phenolic and sweet.

Refractive Index 1.53001.5380 @20 C

Specific gravity 1.0460 @25 C

Contains up to about 10% caryophyllene and 90% eugenol as major components.


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