Clove Leaf Essential Oil

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CAS 8000-34-8

eugenia carophyllate

a light non-viscous oil, steam distilled from the leaves of the clove.

tip For a good general purpose mildew busting spray add half teaspoon to one litre of water, shake well,  and spray affected area. let dry and then wipe off the mildew

(thanks to Shannon Lush from whom we have borrowed the idea)

Appearance pale yellow/brown Odour Spicy, phenolic and sweet.

Refractive Index 1.53001.5380 @20 C

Specific gravity 1.0440 @25 C

Contains up to about 10% caryophyllene and 90% eugenol as major components.

Please be prepared to wait up to 7 days for 20lt size

please note price drop is on size 500mL and above 



Please note some essential oils, particularly those which are highly volatile,  
will affect the epoxy resin lining and you may find some of this lining sedimenting in your oil.   
Do not be alarmed - it wont affect the quality of the oil and you can filter this out.