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Please allow 7 days for preparation and QA for 20kg sizes.

This is a clear, viscous, natural shampoo base. use it on its own or add your preferred actives to it. pse note that a number of essential oils and some fragrances most notably the citrus ones will thin out the shampoo and some may convert it to a waterlike viscosity. Our advice is to thicken it, after this occurs with a natural gum or a polymer.

Ingredients Purified Aqua, Lauryl Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside,
Coco Glucoside,

Preservative: Citric Acid (qs) Gluconolactone  & potassium sorbate

Additive Free.

Note:  In cold weather you might see some cloudiness at the bottom of your bottle, or right through the bottle; if so  we recommend you heat it to 40 deg plus and you will see it clarify.