Coconut oil Refined June Special

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Refined Bleached and Deodorised.  cocos nucifera

A highly popular oil for CP soapmaking. Adds hardness and fluffy lather to handmade soaps. Also a great oil to use in liquid soapmaking for fabulous lather and cleansing properties.

It starts to liquefy at about 25 deg c and will be completely fluid when stable at about 27 -28 deg C. A turkish bath is the best method to melt it if necessary; you can do this as many times as necessary - it is very stable.

5lt size will usually come in a HDPE jerry can, in warmer months when we re pouring as a liquid  and a 5 litre pail in winter when we are decanting as a solid.

15lt sizes come in a bag in a box - like a wine cask.

30lt is 2 x boxes. 90lt is 6 x boxes. 180lt is 12x boxes

( any order totalling more than 100kgs in weight will need us to do a freight quote

and thus the web site will not allow you to complete the order unless you choose "pickup" or "own courier")