Capsicum Absolute

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Absolute Capsicum Oleoresin aka CAPSICUM ANNUM/FRUTESCENS 

Cas 8023-77-6

INCI Capsicum annuum Capsicum Oleoresin

Solvent Extracted Fruit of the red chilli 

Viscous red liquid with an odour CHARACTERISTIC OF RED CHILLIES WITH hay-like, GRASSY NOTES.

Capsaicin approx 10% by weight (minimum is 6.5%)

Capsaicin (CAS#: 404-86-4) 

Store below 25 Deg C, preferably in a cool dark place away from children.

Wear your PPE when handling.  keep away from mucous membranes.

Capsicum Oleoresin is a powerful irritant, and even in minute quantities produces an intense burning sensation when it comes in contact with the eyes and tender parts of the skin. Care should be taken to protect the eyes and to prevent contact of the skin