Skin Lightening - Pearl Powder

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Refined from high quality fresh water pearls using a high/tech biomechanical process . Can be easily absorbed by the skin 4 x more than ordinary pearl powder. Contains 14-18 amino acids,  including 8 that can not be synthesized by the human body. Contains also more than a dozen minerals.

Off white to pale yellowish powder. Soluble in water,  and alcohol, miscible in oils

 INCI Name Pearl powder.

This is a cosmetic active ingredient, not a pearlescent agent. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Has been shown to improve the appearance of aged skin. Has slight skinlightening effect.

Useage Add to water phase of formula.

Use levels 1-10%. Application: Face creams, serums, masks, makeup up, face powders.

Not for internal use.