Sage salvia officinalis liquid botanical extract

Escentials of Australia


extracted from the from the whole plant of sage. Extract consists of waterglycerin 20 active extract , phenoxyethanol.Light medium amber liquid, typical odour of sage this is a heavenly odour and definitely a good addition to a masculine blend.pH 46.5. CAS 84082791, 7732185, 56815, 122996. INCI Name Salvia officinalis. Weve added this for use for irritated skin. I has been traditionally used as a skin purifier and is supposed to be used for controlling dandruff. well be testing this aspect as soon as we can Useage 1 10. add to the water phase or at cooldown.For external use only. Application skin and hair care products, shampoos and conditioners, scalp toners, face toners and moisturizers, after shaves and deodorants, antiperspirants. water soluble

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