Jojoba Protein Hydrolised

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Jojoba Protein Hydrolised

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CAS 100684-35-3.

EC Number 309-708-7

INCI Hydrolysed jojoba protein.

Hydrolysed proteins extracted from jojoba.100% natural. Appearance. Dark brown, cloudy, faint odour. Water soluble. pH value 4.0 5.0.

Precipitations of proteins in the bottom of the container is normal.

 Properties Hair forms hygroscopic film on the hair thus retains moisture. Adds shine lustre to the hair.  

Reported  skin-tightening anti-ageing effects, reducing fines lines and wrinkles.

preserved with phenoxyethanol and potassium sorbate, leucidal

Usage 1-10% in water phase 

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