SynerCide Asian Fusion

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INCI Cas 107-41-5 & 1117-86-8 & 999999-99-4

& 84696-15-1 & 8008-99-9 & 7732-18-5

SynerCide Asian Fusion - a broad-spectrum antimicrobial system using hybrid preservation techniques to combine traditional herbal extracts with hydrating glycols for effective microbial growth prevention. More than just an antimicrobial solvent, this infusion of natural herbs enhances the skin surface for unmatched conditioning. It uses a pioneering method of infusing Garlic, Ginger, and Wasabi extracts with caprylyl and hexylene glycols, both known for their antimicrobial boost, to create this synergistic antimicrobial blend.

Water soluble

GMO Free No Ethoxylation No Irradiation No Sulphonation No Ethylene Oxide treatment No Hydrogenation

Broad spectrum of antibacterial activity Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients. Very mild, with low to no irritation potential

Formulating Guidelines pH of the formulation should be maintained between 3 and 8

Add to your formulations  below 70C deg; 1- 3%