Vitamin C Ester Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder

Escentials of Australia

Vitamin C Ester Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder

 Product Name: L Ascorbyl Palmitate, 100% pure

CAS 137-66-6

Ascorbyl palmitate is vitamin C that has been esterified to a fatty acid. In this case, vitamin C is esterified to palmitic acid, resulting in a fat-soluble form of vitamin C. Palmitate overcomes the limitations inherent in ascorbic acid the water soluble form of Vitamin C with its ability to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin C in topical applications. The antioxidant power of Vitamin C in a topical application provides key protection. It can assist in repairing damage and fight free radicals. Usage Rate 0.5%

Note If you are finding it hard to mix into the oil phase then mix with oil and add at cool-down about 40 deg.  If you find a little sedimentation then a little filtering might be the easiest way to solve the problem.  (might be easier than rebatching)

Appearance off-white fluffy powder




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