Vitamin C Ester Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder

Escentials of Australia


Product Name: LAscorbyl Palmitate
CAS 137-66-6
Ascorbyl palmitate is vitamin C that has been esterified to a fatty acid. In this case, vitamin C is esterified to palmitic acid, resulting in a fatsoluble form of vitamin C. Palmitate overcomes the limitations inherent in ascorbic acid the water soluble form of Vitamin C with its ability to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin C in topical applications. The antioxidant power of Vitamin C in a topical application provides key protection. It can assist in repairing damage and fight free radicals. Usage Rate 0.55 Note If you are finding it hard to mix into the oil phase then mix with oil and add at cool-down about 40 deg. Appearance off-white fluffy powder

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