Abyssinian Oil
crambe abyssinica

Escentials of Australia

CAS No. 68956-68-3

Light in colour, almost no odour, light in feel.Cold Pressed from the seeds it has been refined in the sense that is has been filtered through clay and thereby odour and colour are pretty much removed. So why thenWell ...it is light, its a great skin penetrator, it leaves a shine, it contains natural anitoxidants, and it feels great no greasiness.Uses any lotion or cream or serum, any hair product a little in your leave in conditioner, and a little in our massage oil blend INCI Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil

Composition For Batch Nos  99.... 910.. AND 911....

Palmitic 1.04.0

Palmitoleic 0.10.5

Stearic 0.52.0

Oleic 10.025.0

Linoleic 7.015.0

Linolenic 2.05.0

Arachidic 0.52.0

Eicosenoic 2.06.0

Eicosadienoic 0.04

Behenic 1.03.0

Erucic 50.065.0

Lignoceric 0.01.0

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