Guar Silk

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CAS 65497-29-2   INCI Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

aka GUAR CONDITIONER Guar Silk is  a water soluble naturally derived  cationic polymer derived from guar gum. With the benefits of keratin substantivity and viscosity control, it imparts conditioning properties to shampoos and after shampoo hair care products. Its a great hair detangler.

Instructions Add to the vortex of well-agitated water and mix until dispersed.

Adjust to pH 7.0 or less

Continue mixing for 15 minutes for full viscosity development.

Substantive to hair and skin. Wet and dry combability.

 Typical Use Rate 0.5 -1% Appearance Beige to yellow fine powder

Viscosity 1 Solution 2400 3200 cps

pH in  Solution 9.5 - 11