Matrixyl 3000

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INCI Glycerin – Aqua (Water) – Butylene Glycol – Carbomer – Polysorbate 20 – Palmitoyl Oligopeptide** – Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide

** former INCI name: Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 1

Glycerin                                                        56-81-5                35-45%             
Water (Aqua)                                              7732-18-5           35-42%           
Butylene Glycol                                         107-88-0              2-4%                 
Carbomer                                                      9003-01-4          1-2%            
Polysorbate 20                                            9005-64-5         1-2%                 
Palmitoyl Oligpeptide                             147732-56-7     0.10-0.25%          
Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7                            221227-05-0    0.10-0.25%
It contains two matrikines, PalGHK and PalGQPR. Acting as messengers of cutaneous restructure and repair, these two peptides work synergistically to restore and maintain the skins youthful appearance.

Minimum PAL GHK % is 90ppm

and PAL GQPR %         is 40ppm

 Matrikine TM  is the term used for fragmented matrix peptides able to regulate cell activity.

 Matrixyl 3000 is indicated for anti-ageing products and wrinkle treatment products such as gels, serums, lotions and creams. Add at the end of the emulsion, at cool down, below 40C .  Suggested Usage 3% - 8% Note if you are using with other peptides as well then stop at about 10% total in your peptide mix.

Appearance Opalescent, slightlyy viscous .  Soluble in water.

you may find it slightly lumpy in cool weather and maybe some sediment . Either way please shake/stir well before use.

Long Term Storage: 4 deg C