Silk Amino Acids Hydrolised

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Hydrolised liquid silk proteins.

INCI Silk Amino Acids 
Weight %

7732-18-5 Water                       approx. 70-80%
Cas  96690-41-4  Silk amino    Approx 17 - 24%
Preservative     leucidal(R)        Approx 2%

More info:  It has been partly decolourised its a very light caramel colour and a  distinctive (earthy)  odour. Hydrolyzed from pure silk fibers, silk amino acids have a lower molecular weight than silk protein powders and are therefore more penetrating and moisturizing to skin and hair, and most useful in the most delicate of formulations.

Recommended for formulating shampoos, conditioner, hair treatments, bodywash, body lotions, cleansers, toners and facial moisturizers, mascara, lipstick and color cosmetics.

Recommended Usage Level 1% -5%
Appearance Clear liquid with Light yellow/caramel colour

Specific Gravity 1.01