Dimethicone 350

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CAS No. 9006-65-9

Dimethicone -its simplest form is polydimethylsiloxane, also known as silicone oil, but more commonly called dimethicone. Silicone oils are derived from silica sand and quartz are silicas.

Dimethicone comes in various viscosities, this one is 350 centistokes, a medium viscosity which offers excellent barrier properties when used in skin protectant formulations. It adds slip and glide, reducing tackiness. It offers conditioning properties when used in hair and skin care applications. Dimethicone can be added to any cosmetic and declared on the ingredient label in descending order.

Recommended Use Rate 0.5% 6.0% - however some formulators are using up to 30, in certain products. our Dimethicone is from Dow Chemicals

Appearance Clear viscous liquid

SG 0.966

Odour slight/Nil

Colour APHA <=35

INCI Dimethicone,