Sodium Carbomer

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Cas 9003-04-7, & 67-56-1

Sodium Carbomer will not thicken 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Sodium Carbomer  is a preneutralized synthetic polymer, in a fine powder, that can be used to thicken, suspend and stabilize cosmetic formulations. Requiring very low concentrations, Carbomers are often used to adjust the viscosity of cosmetic preparations. They dry quickly and are not film forming.


Low dusting powder for superior handling, quick dispersion, simplifies the production process, pH is constant during the production process.

The viscosity of finished products can be modified.

Formulation guidelines. 
add to your preserved base and mix gently for a clear semi-viscous gel

Recommended Usage Rate 0.2%- 1.5% (this will be very thick)

INCI Sodium Carbomer