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Sodium Carbomer is a preneutralized synthetic polymer, in a fine powder, that can be used to thicken, suspend and stabilize cosmetic formulations. Requiring very low concentrations, Carbomers are often used to adjust the viscosity of cosmetic preparations. They dry quickly and are not film forming.

Sodium Carbomer does not require the alkaline catalyst that all other Carbomers require. Sodium Carbomer is already neutralized and in the sodium carbomer form as a dry powder with a pH of 6.5.

After mixing with water to create a simple gel matrix, the pH remains a 67.5. Unlike most Carbomers which are acidic and need to be neutralized with an alkaline substance to thicken them after introduction, Sodium Carbomer does not. As it is sprinkled into a formulation, it readily thickens within a pH range of approximately 5.0 to 10 at a concentration of 0.2.

Low dusting powder for superior handling, quick dispersion, simplifies the production process, pH is constant during the production process.

The viscosity of finished products can be modified.

Formulation Guidelines
Sodium Carbomer does not require any pre dispersion as it thickens the formulation as soon as it is sprinkled into the water or a watera/lcohol blend giving a clear viscous gel.

Slow addition of the powder avoids the formation of lumps and guarantees quick thickening.

During preparation of emulsions, Sodium Carbomer can be dispersed into the oil or the water phase before the emulsification step. It can also be sprinkled directly into the emulsion, stirring until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The pH achieved at 0.5% in water is around 7. If a lower pH is required, small adjustments are possible by adding acids e.g. citric acid or lactic acid. High amounts of acid should be avoided because of the formation of salt that negatively affects the viscosity.

The addition of water soluble UV absorbers can help prevent polymer degradation caused by UV radiation.

Recommended Usage Rate 0.2%- 0.5%

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