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ethylhexyl olivate

Cas 22047-49-0; 111-01-3

Sensolene is a highly functional active ingredient  Endowed with emollient properties, it also adds an elegant appearance and texture to formulations.

Oilsoluble functional lipid
Strong emollient active
Skin sensorial enhancer
Natural siliconlike emollient
Excellent dermatological profile

Sensolene is derived from olive chemistry. It has been created with a fatty acid composition that mimics that found in the hydrolipidic film covering the surface of the epidermis which enhances barrier function.

This hydrolippidic film has an important role in the maintenance of the integrity of skin barrier function as it diffuses into the top layers of the stratum corneum and merges with the liped matrix of the stratum corneum, the mortar between the corneocyte bricks. Since Sensolene is composed of fatty acids in a mixture that mimics that this hydrolipidic film, it shares the probarrier properties of the latter by becoming part of the lipidic matrix of the stratum corneum.

Sensolene is an immediate moisturizer able to maintain long term levels of hydration. Its moisturizing property was measured by a corneometry test in comparison with Squalene while skin hydration was significantly increased in the presence of either Sensolene and Squalene at 30 minutes, only Sensolene succeeded to sustain the hydration level up to 120 minutes postapplication.

This action of Sensolene is brought about by its broad molecular compatibility with the hydrolipidic film Squalene would act as a single component while Sensolene would work as a multifunctional ingredient.

In mimicking the molecular composition of the skin surface hydrolipidic film, Sensolene promotes better skin hydration levels that, in turn, will increase the mechanical properties of the skin, resulting in skin that is more flexible with better suppleness and resiliency.

In improving skin barrier integrity, and prolonging sustained hydration, skin elastically is improved. This is reflected at the skin surface with skin that feels smoother, more elastic and with an increased silky softness.

Typical Usage 2 -  10%
Appearance Clear liquid
Solubility: Soluble in oils insoluble in water