Sea Kelp Natural Bioferment lactobacillus/nereocystis luetkeana ferment filtrate


Preservative phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin, sodium dehydroacetate

More info this Sea Kelp Biofermentation is a clear light watersoluble gel not quite as viscous as most aloe vera gels, with a slight brown tinge. It is a natural kelp extract that has been derived by fermentation of Sea Kelp using Lactobacillus, the same bacteria that produces yogurt, sour cream and sour dough breads, among many other foods. Fermentation breaks down the cellular tissue of the kelp leaf, thereby increasing the bioavailability of the naturally occurring chemical compounds abundant in kelp. Fermentation and subsequent reduction of the kelp liquor results in the concentration of these vital nutrients. Naturally occurring algin, the mucilaginous intercellular material found in kelp thickens this product to a gel consistency.

Sea Kelp Bioferment, a natural film former, acts as an excellent oilfree moisturizer. It can be used full strength on the face and body and used as a gentle styling gel in the hair, adding bounce and shine. It can be used as a base for the addition of many of the cosmetic actives we carry or added to formulations of creams, lotions, toners, shampoos and other personal care products.

It can be added to the water phase of cosmetic formulations and heated to 80C 167F without problems. It is heat stable.

Typical Usage Rate 2 5, up to 100 if using as an oil free moisturizer on the facebody.

Appearance Colorless to light tan, clear viscous liquid
pH 5.0 7.5
Odor Mild, characteristic
Viscosity 15,000 24,000 cPs
Storage Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 5077F 1025C

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