Decyl Glucoside Surfactant

Escentials of Australia

CAS 68585-73-1

More info Decyl Glucoside is a nonionic surfactant, ideal for foaming and cleansing products. Our decyl Glucoside, obtained from renewable raw materials, is a combination of plant based fatty alcohols (C8-C16)and glucose. Decyl Glucoside is a mild surfactant and because it does not dry it is ideal for the formulation of personal hygiene and toiletry cosmetics.

Good foaming power
Compatible with all surfactants
Is tolerant of high electrolyte formulations aloe
Compatible with cationic conditioning agents
Mild but effective cleansing
Improves skin tolerance of the formulation
Maintains skin balance without dryness

Decyl Glucoside generates an exceptional foam for a nonionic surfactant, whatever the conditions. It produces a very satisfactory level of foam, comparable with that obtained using conventional anionic surfactants. Moreover, the foam obtained is particularly stable, which is an advantage for the formulation of bubble baths and shower gels. The foam generated is fine and stable.

Non Ionic surfactant obtained from
vegetable origin
Good foaming power
Easy to thicken with natural polymers
Maintains skin balance
Environmentally friendly

In contrast, its touch is not comparable with that of a foam obtained using anionic surfactants. For this reason it is advisable to combine Decyl Glucoside with our Cocoamidopropyl Betaine in order to vary the smoothness of the foam. Furthermore, because of its wide range of compatibility, Decyl Glucoside can be combined with all types of surfactants without reducing foam volume or stability.

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