Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)

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CAS 96-26-4.   EC  202-494-5

INCI Dihydroxyacetone
This effective self tanning agent is obtained by bacterial degradation of natural phosphate sugar. It reacts with proteins in the skin thereby forming melatonin like brown compounds within several hours ( allow yourself plenty of time before you plan your hot date)  producing a suntanned appearance.

Off-white,  clumps , slight odour: odour is a light fruity sweet. 

Clumps will take a little longer to solubilise, but if  you warm your water you will easily get a 10% solution a few minutes. Pic on the left is how it comes to us  and the pic on the right is the clumps that you  will get.


 pH 4-6, soluble in water & alcohol. Insoluble in oils 

synonyms dihyxal, otan, oxantin.

Use: Can be added to formulations as is, usual final concentration 2%-10%, DHA may lose its tanning effect or induce discolorations when combined with AHAs, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide pigments, or certain perfumes. 

Useage; for the face about 2% is a good rule of thumb. For the body up to 10%.

the question we get asked most  is does it work?  see the pic - forearm on the right as you look is 12 hours after application (10% concentration).  Tip -use an applicator so you get an even look.

(most of our team will notice some colour after just a few hours)