Black Cumin Oil
nigella sativa


Black Cumin Oil <br><i><small>nigella sativa</small></i></br>

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Cas 90064-32-7

This oil aka Blackseed is a dark brown black oil with an odour very charcateristic.  Batches can tend to be different odour mainly but not the key properties depending on the location and growing season.This versatile oil is obtained by cold pressing the mature seeds of the Black Cumin plant

It should not be confused with the more common variety of cumin Cuminum cyminum.

Black cumin oil is rich with compounds such as nigellone and thymoquinone, black cumin seed is thought to contain over 100 ingredients many remain unknown. However, experts agree that the most important compounds contained in the extract are the fatty acids and nutrients. Some components of black cumin seed extract are as follows myristic acid palmitic acid palmitoleic acid stearic acid oleic acid linoleic acid omega6 linolenic acid omega 3 arachidonic acid protein thiamin riboflavin pyridoxine niacin folacin calcium iron copper zinc phosphorous. 



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