Lavender Grosso Essential Oil

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aka lavandin grosso

Cas 8022-15-9   aka  93455-97-1    lavandula x intermedia

Grosso was initially cross between true lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and spike lavender (Lavandula latifolia).  Nowadays it has established its own identity as INTERMEDIA

steam distilled from the flowering tops of the grosso (lavendula x intermedia) plant. Its odour is characteristic, including a light and lovely sweetness missing in other lavandin varieties. In the market place, sadly,  it is often passed as True Lavender because of its sweet note.

For those on a tight budget it is a most economical way of getting an almost  true french lavender scent at a lesser  price. It is more than enough if you are simply wanting to achieve a room spray. but note the aromatherapy qualities are quite different to Lavender True, and if you are applying to the skin we recommend you use lavender True.

Our supply is 100% french origin - s slightly different product to recent batches..