Calendula Total Moldova

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INCI calendula officinalis  Cas 84776-23-8

Rich orange yellow oil, very viscous.

Refractive Index @ 20 degree C 1. 5021

Odour medium, grassy, hint of tea

obtained using C02 extraction techniques, and as such it contains more phytocomponents than most steam distilled oils, including waxes and heavier phytochemicals. this is the reason it is called a Total. At room temperature it is usually solid and will need to be warmed for decanting. A few minutes in warm water should suffice. It has a warm pleasant odour, with a hint of jasmin undertones.

Oil from the calendula flowers/leaves are renowned for their skin calming and soothing. Thus it is a popular ingredient in skin preparations and massage treatments, and hair and scalp applications. It is gentle on the skin and can be used where other types of applications have produced adverse reactions. 

Suggested uses warm it for decanting and is best applied blended with warmed carrier oil, or into the cream or other medium.


please allow 7 working days for 500ml and above