Birch Sweet Essential Oil

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betula lenta L

Cas 68917-50-0

Sweet Birch oil is steam distilled from the bark of the mature birch trees and is an odorous oil that is very reminiscent of wintergreen oil, with which is shares a high proportion of methyl salicylate, and there is a slight woody undertone, maybe smokiness. It is not as sweet as the name suggests though.

Colour ranges from clear  thru to yellow

It should not be confused with betula alba, which is generally marketed as Birch or Birch Tar and is usually dark brown, and smells highly, distinctively, and (most find) unpleasantly of tar.

General uses include inclusion in a linament, can be combined with wintergreen which has similar properties, add a few drops to the bath for general skin health and well being, Should not be applied to broken skin. Sweet birch blends well with other woody and balsamic essential oils, but is enjoyed more if softened with an oil such as lavender or citrus.