Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate July Special

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aka RETINOL PALMITATE    CAS 79-81-2, 1406-18-4, 8001-22-7

Oil soluble Vitamin A is widely used in cosmetics such as moisturisers, lotions, body butters, shampoos, conditioners, gels and scrubs. It is highly recommended for anti-ageing formulations.  Always place a sun exposure warning on products manufactured with Vitamin A.

It is derived from palmitic acid esterified to retinyl acetate (from beta carotene)

mixed with soy oil, and Natural Vitamin E is added to prolong its effective life

1.7 Million IU per Gram  - a rough estimation is that this will produce 51mg retinol per gram of retinyl palmitate.

1 IU is the biological equivalent of 0.3 mcg (0.0003mg) retinol, or of 0.6 mcg beta-carotene. miscible with oils, not soluble in water.

1000mcg  = 1 mg


Store in fridge and place in a warm water bath to liquefy.

Shelf Life up to 24  months if stored correctly.

Pic is before it is melted; when melted colour is orange/red