Yucca Root liquid botanical extract yucca aloafolia

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Yucca Root liquid botanical extract yucca aloafolia
Traditionally, the primary use of the root seems to be as a blood purifier for treating joint pain and stiffness, especially related to arthritic ailments, and inflammatory disorders. Also, the yucca roots contain the compound saponin, which has detergent properties. Native American tribes for years to prevent hair loss and dandruff while making hair shiny and beautiful.

Recipe tip add 3% -5% to your shampoo base. our additive free shampoo base is recommended or to your liquid soap base :why not try our organic castille soap base for a soft smooth sudsy cleanser.

ingredients purified aqua, vegetable glycerine, yucca aloafolia, Preservative citric acid, potassium sorbate



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