Piroctone Olamine Powder

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Cas 68890-66-4  

INCI Piroctine  Olamine

Cautions :  this is a skin irritant and should only be  used by seasoned formulatores.

maximum permitted concentration for leave in products is  0.5%

For rinse-off products it can be added up to 1%

Piroctone Olamine has anti-fungal as well as anti-dandruff activity making it ideal for a range of products for dry skin. 

Useage: 0.5 -1.0% in your shampoo and conditioner bases ( final pH range is 5-8)

Avoid in formulae contains nitrosating ingredients eg   Proteins, Amines (ethanolamines etc.)

Note You might need a stabilising agent with your conditioner and shampoo - please test it before going to market.

HS code 29339900