Pentylene Glycol

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 Cas 5343-92-0

INCI: Pentylene Glycol
pentane-1,2 diol

FP >100deg C

Preservative-free preservation strategy option for some product types.

Applications.   skin hydration & prevention of transdermal moisture loss.

improves stability/solubility of ingredients

 improves the efficacy of preservatives and also your actives

preservative ( in simple applications) 

In some cases such as simple creams, spritzers and cleansers this can be used as the sole preservative if added at 4-5%. 

In more challenging formulations such as those with lots of herbal extracts, clays or colours, the water-binding strategy may be too slow to knock-down the initial micro load and so may not be suitable so you will need to use a Co-preservative.

pH Stability: 3-12 pH


Store in a cool dry place - don not refrigerate.

HS code 290539