Marula Oil

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INCI sclerocarya birrea seed oil CAS No. 68956-68-3

Cloudy at room temp.when warmed its a lovely gold/caramel colour.

Virgin oil, Cold Pressed from the seeds; slight nut odour, and some batches have hint of "green". Long revered by African men and women for its skin and hair conditioning  properties. Its also reputed to stimulate hair growth... but we cannot find any proper studies to support this theory yet....

 It has a fantastic mix of mono fatty acids, giving it a long shelf life and inherent antioxidant properties

Palmitic C16:0   11.00%

Stearic C18:0.   6.36%

Oleic C18:1       71.00%

Linoleic C18:2  3.49%

Linolenic C18:3  0.28%

Arachidic C20:0  <0.1%