Leucidal (R) Complete

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INCI leuconstoc radish root ferment filtrate & lactobacillus (approx 80%) & cocos nucufera (coconut ) fruit extract ( approx) 20%)

So why this one ...it provides additional insurance against fungus, specifically yeast and mould.

WHITISH  hazy liquid, with some solid material (coconut extract)

pic on the left is after the leucidal(R) has been warmed to 35 deg

SG 1.06 @25 deg C

cas 1686112-10-6 & 68333-16-4 & 8001-31-8

Note when we pour this product we give it a best before date of 11-12 months.

 Storage Do not freeze - best stored at 20 -25 deg C 

should be warmed to 35 deg C and mixed until clear before use

Will probably show some light sediment on standing