Hyaluronic Acid Powder ULMW

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 INCI Sodium Hyaluronate CAS No. 9067-32-7

Ultra Low Molecular Weight Approx 20K -100K Daltons in weight. 

This fine white, vegan, powder is a polysaccharide occurring in all our body cells,  providing protection against ageing, pollution, drying and the like.

It  serves as a water reservoir keeping us hydrated. Ageing reduce the amount of Hair the cells so this is where this must-have -for-your-face comes into play. 

It's  derived from vegetable matter - fermented Streptrococcus Zooepidemicus.

 Non gelling type

Recommended Usage Rate 0.1 - 10% in your water phase.

To create a sexy face product use about 10% of ULMW Powder so you get the great benefits of one of the  best face pick-me-ups in the business.

then to gel it add say 1% - 1.5% of HMW Hyaluronic acid 

Tip:  add it to any of your emulsified or water based face products - you'll love it.