Hyaluronic Acid Crosspolymer new product December special

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clear, viscous aqueous gel

 Cas 105524-32-1

This is a clever - almost ready to use -variety of HA.

Its ok to use on its own but will be too thick and sticky for some.

Tip just add water -dabbed on with the fingers - if you find this is the case. it forms a protective  film on the skin surface reducing transdermal  water loss. it also provides  all day moisturisation and pollution protection properties 

Recipe tip for a very nice face gel. Makes 100gm

8 Grams HA - low molecular weight 

9 grams HA - cross-polymer 

90 gm purified water 

1gm aloe vera powder (optional)

2gm leucidal ( not necessary unless you intend storing the product for some time)