Ginger Total Co2 extracted

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  • CAS: 84696-15-1

 zingiber officinale

Please note pictures are representative only

Top note with a slight middle. slightly mouth-watering for those of us who like devouring ginger. its a bit more gingery than the steam distilled version

spicy, sharp, pungent, warm with a hint of camphor & lemon.

colour ranges from light yellow to light brown, depending on growing conditions.

Great for mixing with other warming oils eg pepper, mints, cajeput, and even wintergreen if you want to go from warm to hot

The  warming qualities  render it useful as a general restorative for emotional depletion; it is said to be effective in revitalizing energy and counteracting exhaustion. It is also said to be an  aphrodisiac and is said to increase sexual openness in both men and women.  Please let us know if it works for you.

The volatile oil consists of mainly mono and sesquiterpenes, camphene, beta-phellandrene, curcumin, cineole, geranyl acetate, terpineol, terpenes, borneol, geraniol, limonene, linalool, alpha-zingiberene (30%–70%), beta-sesquiphellandrene (15%–20%), betabisabolene (10%–15%), and alpha-farnesene.